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We are thrilled to offer a unique set of activities no one else offers together in the city of Charlotte! 

-The New Acropolis Charlotte Team

Stephanie Mora

Volunteer and President of New Acropolis Charlotte


Philosophical ​Bookclub for Inner Evolution
Join us on this intro to our Book-club and meet-and-greet! We explore the most interesting ideas of ancient books, the ethical and moral virtues and values, and all the wisdom they contain that can inspire us the way it inspired great heroes and characters filling the pages of history. This is the perfect opportunity to check out our philosophy club and learn about this unique world of ideas that is ancient wisdom!​​
Thurs. 7/18 @7pm
Books-A-Million in Steelecreek

Cost: Free 
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Philosophy,Culture &Volunteering 

Our Mission

  • Thur. 7/18 @7:00pm--Philosophy: Bookclub Meetup Where: Booksamillion - Charlotte, NC Cost: Free 

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Philosophy class accompanied by a picnic at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden


To promote an eclectic exploration of world wisdom with a special focus on the knowledge that cultivates personal development.

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Discover the wisdom that has awakened inner potentials for thousands of years!
Learn about yoga, Tai Chi, and other inner arts! Come volunteer with us!

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New Acropolis Charlotte

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501(c)3 Educational Non-profit

Kendall Mercer

Student and Volunteer

Join our weekly meetings on Wisdom of Ancient Cultures and learn about ancient civilizations and famous thinkers such as Plato, Buddha, Socrates, etc.
When: Thursdays at 6:30pm 
Where: Books-A-Million at Steelecreek

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